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The leakage of mechanical seal common method is what?

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-07
The leakage of mechanical seal common method is what? 2020 - 8 - 28 in response to mechanical seal, we need to understand that the leakage of mechanical seal common methods, so what is the specific mechanical seal leak reason? The following and see it together. ( 1) Dynamic and static ring contact surface deformation caused by the leakage. When end face pressure, friction heat is easy to cause the thermal deformation of static and dynamic ring; Of course, in parts of the installation process if appear uneven phenomenon, can cause transverse deformation. Processing method: open the mechanical seals, check whether the bottom of the ring is overheating, if you want to change the thermal deformation, if you want to change, if the assembly can be carried out in accordance with the specifications to assembly. ( 2) Particles and other impurities into the friction in the crystal. Methods: after the opening, check the face wear and repair according to the concrete situation. ( 3) Due to improper material selection, auxiliary seal caused by the loss of elasticity as the working medium. Methods: replace new ones seals, choose mechanical seal matching. ( 4) Sealing surface of axis straightness error is too big. Methods: check the pump shaft winding, more than standard for repair or replacement. ( 5) Static ring and circle package form scale can't timely compensation displacement of wear and tear. Treatment methods: clear. ( 6) Long run lead to wear ring end face serious wear and tear. Methods: the replacement of mechanical seal.
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