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As a star enterprise in YUNPU Industrial Zone, Lepuseal has its own independent modern standard workshop and office environment. The factory is located in YUNPU Industrial Park, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China. With a total area of more than 10000 square meters. According to the design requirements, the office and workshop are separated independently. The office area of Lepu seal is about 1500 square meters, spacious and bright, all in accordance with the office design of modern enterprises, There are mainly production department, design department, quality inspection department, domestic trade department, foreign trade department, finance department, administration department and after-sales service department. 


The total number of people in the company is 113.


The annual sales of lepuseal is more than 10 million US dollars



  1. OEM/ODM serivce


  1. Free sample mechanical seal


  1. Customized mechanical seal production.


  1. Quality guarantee.


Technology support and training service for mechanical seal.


  1. Mechanical seal trouble shoot service


As a professional mechanical seal manufacturer, Lepuseal is committed to providing complete mechanical seal solutions. For more than 20 years, Lepuseal is always providing our customers with high-quality mechanical seal products and good after-sales service. In addition to professional technical team, advanced and excellent machinery and equipment are also essential. At present, Lepuseal has 60 CNC machine centers, 10 lathes, 10 millers, 3 spark machines, 2 silicon carbide presses machine, 2 grinders, 3 rubber presses and 2 optical flat crystal testers. In addition to advanced equipment, Lepuseal has also established a modern standard plant and 5 automatic production lines of mechanical seals,the total production workshop area exceeds 8000 square meters.  That why we say our factory have strong production and supply capacity of mechanical seals,  and can provide customers with good delivery services.




At the beginning of its establishment, Lepuseal insisted that quality is the foundation of the enterprise. Without good mechanical seal quality, there will be no good development and future. Therefore, in the past 20 years, Lepuseal has always insisted on providing customers with high-quality mechanical seal products and solutions. To do this, we need a good quality management system and quality inspection team. Lepu seal began to establish ISO: 9001 quality management system very early, and established a QC team of up to 6 people with rich experience in mechanical seal testing. They carefully tested each mechanical seal sent from Lepu seal to ensure that all products are qualified and can meet the quality requirements. It is precisely because Lepu seal always adheres to the high-quality line that it can win the trust and long-term cooperation of customers. Lepu seal also provides customers with strong quality assurance services. Lepu seal has always promised customers that if we have quality problems with mechanical seals, we will provide our users with new mechanical seals.


In order to ensure the quality of our mechanical seal products, we have made great efforts and conducted a lot of tests over the years.


Firstly, Lepu seal's own QC team has rich experience in mechanical seal production and testing, and has also established its own testing laboratory, such as sealing surface optical plane testing laboratory, container mechanical seal pressure testing, auxiliary seal rubber corrosion resistance laboratory, light mechanical seal water pump testing field and a series of mechanical seal testing equipment and laboratories, These equipment and technicians can greatly improve the quality of our products. In addition, Lepu seal will require all our material suppliers to provide relevant test reports. Materials that do not meet the requirements will not be purchased, such as food grade silicon carbide, silica gel, graphite and other test reports, and composition test reports of graphite, silicon carbide, ceramics, rubber and other materials. Lepu seal will also send the materials provided by the supplier to an independent third-party testing organization for independent testing to ensure the reliability of the materials. After the mechanical seal assembly is completed, the products will also be sent to the authoritative Laboratory for mechanical seal performance test from time to time. For example, China's national general seal testing agency has tested our MG1 mechanical seal products to ensure that our mechanical seal products meet the quality standards.


Mechanical seal is a product highly dependent on technology, which also requires the technical team to have rich practical experience. Therefore, to produce high-quality mechanical seal products and provide customers with excellent mechanical seal solutions, there is no doubt that an excellent and powerful technical team is needed. Mr. Yue, the founder of Lepu seal, has been engaged in the mechanical seal industry for more than 25 years. He is an excellent mechanical seal expert. After the establishment of Lepu seal company, he is the founder of a technical company, Naturally, he attaches great importance to the technical team.


For more than 20 years, Lepu seal has invested huge funds in the construction of sealing technical talents and established a first-class mechanical seal technical team. At present, there are 3 senior engineers and 20 intermediate engineers. More than 60% of the technical team have graduated from mechanical seal related majors, of which more than 50% have more than 5 years of experience in the mechanical seal industry, Among them, three senior engineers have been engaged in the mechanical seal industry for more than 15 years. They can not only solve various practical mechanical seal technical problems for customers, but also provide strong and efficient technical support for our users.

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