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With relatively inexpensive and reliable performance, O-ring is one of the most frequently used products in sealing applications.

This kind of mechanical seal is divided into 2 types which are respectively 1527 type and 1528 type. The former one is an unbalanced mechanical seal and the latter is balanced. The built-in springs can protect the product itself. Besides that, there is no sticking or clogging problem which makes it rugged and reliable. At the same time, the seal is independent of the direction of the rotation which provides easy operation and easy installation. The product comes in many styles and shapes. The material required depends on temperature, pressure, chemical, and other environmental factors. Materials such as EPDM, Nitrile, Viton, FFKM are the most common materials that we supply. As a professional o ring manufacturer and o ring seal supplier, Lepu seal provides best metal o rings. O-ring is mainly used in the fluid static application (For example, water, oil, air, chemicals solvent, chemicals, etc.). The temperature range is from -50℃ up to 220 ℃. The pressure in the static application should be less than 20MPa, which varies with different materials. Sometimes O-ring is used in the dynamic application with the pressure less than 5MPa and also used in semiconductor vacuum seal.

With flexibility in torque transmissions and self-cleaning effect, the O-ring mechanical seal is a cost-effective and versatile product.

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