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This fristam mechanical seal is an excellent silicon seal designed for Fristam pump FKL 150A.

It is a kind of product following the original design standard that is used as a perfect replacement for the Fristam pump. Its shaft size is 2.5 inch and is designed with a rotary and stationary part, and waved spring. As for the secondary seal of the fristam pump seal, it is manufactured with O-ring or V-ring made of viton or silicon, therefore, the product can be guaranteed with high chemical resistance like acid resistance. Being equipped with pumping screws for highly viscous media, the product gains more favors for its humanized design. Processed by the CNC grinding machine, the fristam pump mechanical seal gains its competitive edge in its strong mechanical strength. The product can be used in extreme temperature which can reach up to 1650℃. The product is independent of the direction of rotation and can always keep perfect running. With a simple design, it is very easy to install and replace for workers without requiring demanding techniques.

Lepu Seal highly respects customers' requirements and we can use food-grade materials for manufacturing the seal face if necessary. This product can be found in many applications like dairy, food, and beverage pumps.

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