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Lepu Seal's pillar marine mechanical seal is specially designed for the marine pump. It has precise dimensions meeting the corresponding standard requirements established by Japanese Marine Equipment Association.

This kind of pillar mechanical seal is an unbalanced type of mechanical seal. Its packing materials are made of synthetic rubber which has good heat and cold resistance, and corrosion resistance, and of course, more competitive price, and the spring of mono-coil style which has perfect flexibility. It is designed with a ceramic coated layer on the seal face, offering high wear-resistance property and more resistance against the sea water. The product is designed with a wear-free shaft sleeve. Since the seal is an end-surface sliding-type seal, the shaft or the sleeve will not be worn anyway. In addition, the product is furnished with the mating face of plasma flame fusible ceramics in order to prevent the corrosion by the sea water. This kind of pillar mechanical seal is widely used for various rotating equipment used in the sea water, clean water, oil, etc.

As a leading professional mechanical seal supplier, Lepu Seal manufactures this pillar marine pump mechanical seal for many shipping companies. This kind of product is highly spoken of by customers especially from America for its long service life and easy installation.

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