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Why recommend the double mechanical seal?


         Two heads are better than one; this is one of the most common proverbs that you have heard. The same applies also in mechanical seals. You would be in a good position if you get yourself a double mechanical seal.

This seal has been structured in a way that it is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. This is achieved through its design; which uses a material seal that is less foreign, making it cheap when it comes to replacement. It has a unique arrangement different from the single one, whereby, it constitutes a sealed chamber found outside the siphon and inside it are two free seals that are mounted in it. Both seals consist of a softer, narrow stationary followed by a rotating more wide and harder face. Due to this arrangement, the softer seals will eventually wear off leaving behind the harder seal during its performance. During its configuration, it is simple to master in a short period of time bringing about convenience. The main benefit of this mechanical seal is the two seals work hand in hand to prevent leakages from the motor, corrosion, and wastes in the environment. Safety is also guaranteed when it comes to these seals.

In its application, you may find it in heat transfer oils, oil pumps, pipeline pumps and quench oil pump. The following are some of the benefits of the double mechanical seals that you will find intruding;

1. Prevents leakage of fluids

The two seals are custom made to avoid leaking of the process liquid products that would rather be costly. In this perspective, it saves you money and also ensures the durability of the fluids. When you are assured of spending less and the long term use of your liquefied product, this type of seal will always come to your mind first.


2. Ensures continuity of the liquefied product

In case there is faultiness of the process liquid product in providing lubrication to maintain stability and reliability of the face seals, the double mechanical seal does the work. It acts as a backup of the pump that can be relied upon when something unusual occurs. This ensures that the pump in use will continue without any problems and you may even realize it after a while.


3. Conserves the environment

The double seal provides a cover that averts dangerous products from getting into contact with the air, creating a safety zone for the environment. Both the seals are installed with a system which controls and ensures the conservation of the environment. Any tool that is environmental friendly is usually considered the best. The double mechanical seal will not leave you with regrets after you have purchased it, actually, it will encourage you to recommend it to your family and friends.


4. Offers protection

The motor and the surface area below the pump are safeguarded from the exotic liquid that is pumped throughout the whole process. This gives you rest of mind knowing that the pump will be in good order.


5. Averts process media to be contaminated

The process media in the tool is usually protected in case there is a failure of one seal. This comes as a great deal to the double seal when you compare it to the single one.

6. Involves in the process of hydrogenation

Extreme demands are required when the double mechanical seals are meant to be used in hydrogenation because of the process media which needs to be sealed on one seal and the other seal is applied for the type of the process that is involved. During the hydrogenation process, changes in temperature and pressure in high levels are experienced but the design of the double seal is that which can handle these changes.

The time span of the seal can be extended by mitigating the control film that touches the seal face; this, in turn, creates a foundation of good temperature, lubrication, and pressure, which are automatically controlled by the seal. When you are able to do the above you will be able to prolong the lifespan of your pump.

The above points have been researched by scholars and can give you confidence when it comes to selecting a double mechanical seal. The double seal is one that you cannot just brush it off; it will be cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and safe during the processes. Consider, getting yourself one today and enjoy an exceptional experience.

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