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APV mechanical seal is a perfect replacement seal for the world-famous APV pump.

For satisfying the purpose of being applied in the pump used in the drink, dairy, and beverage industries, apv pump mechanical seal adopts all food-grade materials. It normally uses food-grade carbon silicon for the rotate and stationary ring, and food-grade rubber for the secondary seal parts. With a simple design, the product is very easy to install and replace, which saves a lot of labor for the workers. Regarding the work condition of the APV pump, the product should have the performance of heat shock stability. During the operation of the machine, there will be a lot of heat generated, which requires the product to be of high-temperature resistance. Chemical corrosion resistance is also one of the distinguished features of the product. As a part that is used in the pump, it is manufactured to be of strong mechanical strength. We make good use of technology and invest heavily in purchasing the machines to make the sub-surface of the product be perfectly cleaned and etched. The product is, therefore, wearing and oxidation resistant. Single and double seals are all available.

APV mechanical seal made by Lepu Seal is a popular seal and it is highly recognized by famous companies like Bright dairy factory and Pepsi beverage factory.

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