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Where O Rings Are Used?


Today we are going to talk about the "O" shaped plastic rings, they are also called the rubber seal rings, and we will know where they are used, what are their used and many such exciting things. We are going to talk about O rings in brief, but if I had to say just one something about those rubber seal rings, and then I can say that it is such a thing which is used universally, from every small to big thing we go through in our daily life.


How it's made? Before knowing the vast uses of O rings, let us first understand how they are made. As it is, clear from the name itself O rings or rubber seal rings, you all must have got that firstly it is of the circle which means O shaped. Secondly it is made up of plastic, basically made up of flexible plastic. Just don’t go on its name, which its name is minimal, and then the work must also be small. If you think like this then you are totally wrong, it is used in many big things and serves under processing many big things, in the next point we are going to know about the various uses of rubber seal rings.


The primary use of the O rings is to block the path that is a bit free, it's used to prevent the way of things such a liquid or of gas. The necessary process happens when you put an O ring in between something, to stop the path. In that case, the main thing that happens is, just think that there is no such rubber seal ring in between space and because of which all the liquid or gas that is in the thing is flowing outside. But when you put that rubber seal ring in between that empty space, at that time, the rubber O ring plays the role to fill that empty space and works as a blocking agent. Because of which there becomes a blockage, and it does not let the gas or liquid particles to come out of the vessel or the object in which we had placed the rubber seal ring. It is also because of the material they are built, because of which they produce the blocking effect. They are made up of flexible type material, because of which it tends to get back to its previous shape that is its original shape. So this is how the rubber seal ring works.


There are actually many places where these rubber O rings are used, but some of the main areas, they are used are:

1. Different Vehicles- The rubber seal rings are widely used in various vehicles such as cars, bikes, even in ships and even in our cycles. According to me, the field in which the O rings are used the most is this vehicle field. You can see these things in between every screw that is in your vehicle, the vehicle making companies use these O rings in between screws so that they don't get open in any case, for providing a proper grip or for blocking the air passage or liquid passage. You can see these rubber seal rings on the pipes which are connected to the ac of your car; there it is used to keep the nitrogen gas within the tube. You must have also seen such rubber sealing on your car doors, although they are not of perfect circle space, they are used for the same purpose of not letting the air of liquid particle getting in or out. These rubber O rings have a vast use in such places.


2. Beer- Are you a beer lover and you have it every day? Because if you are a beer lover and have one every day, then you are going to love these rubber seal rings because they protect your beer from flowing out from the beer bottle. Now, you will ask that you haven't seen any rubber O ring on your beer bottle, so if you have the same query, then let me tell you that the O ring for your beer bottle is present under the cap of your beer bottle. When you open the lid of your beer bottle, then you will see a transparent rubber sealing, which is the rubber sealing ring and is used to keep your beer away from spilling. That's a life-saving thing for all the beer lovers.


3. Medical Equipment's and Things- This is actually a remarkable work that these rubber seal rings do. Because in the case of medical equipment's and the things such as liquid medicines and all, they are the type of things, which should be handled with care only. If one doesn't handle these things with care, then anything bad can happen. Like these are some liquids used in the medical field which are toxic, so in that case, the bottles in which these liquids come are adequately packed, and rubber seal rings play a significant role in staying them airtight and not letting anything flow out from the bottle. There is much equipment that is used in the medical field for the treatment of the person; many parts of such machines are made airtight with the use of rubber O rings. So that no air particle should come out of the thing and the other something no water or liquid particle should touch the inner part of the machine which makes the equipment's safe from getting wrecked.


So these were some uses of the rubber seal rings, there are many other uses and applications available which you can know about these rubber sealing ring. But these are some of the most important things where the rubber O rings are being used from many years, and I also think that there would be no replaceable for these O rings, as they are doing their work properly and at their best. Such rubber seals are also used to make our smartphones water resistant.


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