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Things Need Consideration Before Selecting a Mechanical Seal?


Mechanical seals are the leakage control devices that are found on the rotating equipment like mixers and pumps to prevent leakage of gases and liquids from escaping to the environment. The mechanical seal has two principal components where the first component is rotation against it to achieve the seal and stationary. There are different types of the mechanical seal for the mechanical seal manufacturer in China, which range from the single simple spring designs to complex more cartridge seal types. Design, materials, and arrangement of construction are basically determined by temperature, pressure, the product is sealed and speed of rotation.


The mechanical seal has four main sealing points which include:

I. A seal between stationary and rotating faces which is known as the primary seal.

II. A seal which is between stuffing box face and a stationary member.

III. The seal which is between shaft or shaft sleeve and rotating member which is known as a secondary seal and can be the o -ring, V-ring, wedge or anything which is the same as sealing ring.

IV. A seal between stuffing box and gland plate which is normally the o -ring or gasket.


For this mechanical seal to work, the primary seal becomes the basis of its design. The stationary component and the rotating component are pressed alongside each other, generally by using the spring force. Mating faces for the components are the precision machined to be very flat within two light bands that is the optical method for measuring the flatness. The flatness minimizes the leakage to the degree where it’s virtually insignificant. Indeed, there is the leakage between the faces but it’s for some minutes then it forms a vapor.


If the selection of the mechanical seals for the application is made well, it will work for years without having any issue. Application data or operating conditions are required to be identified very well to choose the type of the seals and the material of the construction to make sure the right performance from a seal through its lifetime. Here are things that need to be considered before selecting the mechanical seal.



When selecting the mechanical seal, the first thing to consider is the step of identifying an exact liquid being handled. The seal material is required to withstand fluid which is being processed. Indeed, there is an increase in the risk of seal failure when the seal materials are not chemically fit with a fluid.


Liquid Characteristics

To make sure the right seal life it’s crucial to understand the liquid viscosity. Abrasive liquids may cause great wear and can lead to reducing the seal’s life. The use of the double seal or external flush plan gives operators an option for using the mechanical seal in these tight liquids.



The seal type is required, unbalanced or balanced is determined by the pressure in a seal size or the seal chamber.



The mechanical Seals materials are required to be selected to handle the liquid temperature properly. Different materials of the seal are rated for particular temperatures. So, you shouldn’t exceed a temperature limit for these materials.


Reliability and Emission Concerns

When considering the reliability and emission for the application, each company has their standards and the operating procedures. Seal arrangements and type are chosen must have the desired standards, reliability and discharge for pump application. The double seals are topping as a solution to the choice because of the environmental safety among the manufacturing companies.


After knowing about the exact seal operating conditions, you’re required to select the overall seal construction materials, the component materials, and its face. When choosing the materials of the seal for construction, ensure you consider the following features of the materials:

Wear resistance

Chemical resistance properties

Temperature constraints

Thermal expansion and the conductivity properties



And, when you are selecting a face and also other seal’s component materials, consider the following material features:

Wear resistance

Good thermal properties

Low leakage and friction properties

Corrosion resistant


The above mentioned are some of the selections which you will consider when choosing the right mechanical seal manufacturer in China by reviewing the material characteristics and operating conditions. Always you need to consider that the approval of the mechanical seal is not complete without the seal support arrangement. When you are working with the mechanical seal's manufacturer, you need to remember that the mechanical seal recommendations are not complete without the sealing support plan.

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