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Famous brand of mechanical seal


Today is a big day for Guangzhou lepu machinery, as a big good news confirmed bySCGPA, Lepu Seal was awarded as a famous brand of mechanical seal in 2012, certificated by SCGPA( SOUTHERN CHINA GENERAL PUMP ASSOCIATION).

This honor proved how good quality of our mechanical seal, and what nice service we offer to our client. “We will keep our high and stable quality, and improve our service for all clients, and lepu seal will be a super brand in south of china” Statement from Mr. Yue, general manager of Lepu Machinery.

According the market data from the news paper, mechanical seal made by lepu occupied 20% market in south of china, the biggest market in china, our mechanical seal was popular used in many kinds of industry, for example, dairy and food factory, paper, chemical industry, and shipping company too.

Lepu-News About Famous brand of mechanical seal

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