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How Mechanical Seals Are Used For Leakage Prevention


     The mechanical seals are extremely effective parts. All of the pumps such as centrifugal pumps need to accommodate some spinning shafts, and some gas or the mechanically maintained fluids are contained at the centrifugal pumps “wet end”. The mechanical seals from the pump seal suppliers have got some rotary seal face that has driving mechanisms that are made to be rotating with the same speed as of the pump shaft, which is a stationary seal face that always mates with a rotary.

The mechanical seals are retained with glands or various pump models that have stuffing integral covering box, metal bellows or utilizing springs, or the tension assembly keeps the face of the rotary positioned very firm against the available stationary face hence it prevents any excluding. Besides, it prevents leakage and contamination. All these are done when the pump shaft is in the rotation, and the entire pump is not being operated. Elastomeric bellows, O-rings, or static sealing gaskets are located at the strategic place which completes the seal assembly.


Centrifugal pump mechanical seals and why they are important?

The centrifugal pump consists of the rotor, here is the place where there is a mounted impeller, and its work is revolving in the pump’s stationary house and has some small gap between them. The centrifugal pump has the main aim of pumping different varieties of fluids. However, not all the fluid is safe since some might be very hazardous to the environment and human beings as well. In the same way, the centrifugal pump may not be able to pump such fluids and again be able to prevent some leakage, so there must be some sealants that are used to ensure no fluids leak anymore.

The fluid once having some leakage, the hazardous gas may be emitted to the environment, so it is best to fast of all prevent such fluids from leaking. The best and most effective way that you can use to prevent any form of leakage of such fluids to the environment from the pump is by use of the mechanical seals from the pump seal suppliers. There might be other methods that you can use to have these leakages prevented from leaking to the environment, but in our case here, we should look at the mechanical seals and see what it does to ensure there is no more leak from the centrifugal pump.

The mechanical seal is used to prevent the leakage of fluids by sealing the shaft’s rotating part against that pumping house stationary part. Thus, those devices which form some packing between the stationary part and the rotor of the pumping centrifugal pump is the mechanical seals. The aim of these mechanical seals is only preventing fluid leakage that is being pumped in the centrifugal pump.

Mechanical seals have got two main parts: there is a rotating part that has been connected with the rotating shaft, and another one is a stationary part that is always connected with the pump housing.

Mechanical seals are made of some parts so that they may enable it to work well during the sealing process. Such parts are;

i) Fixing and rotating face: fixing and rotating face are two very important parts in a mechanical seal. The face for fixing is fixed to the housing pump whereas the part for rotating is connected to its rotating shaft.

ii) The Secondary Sealants: there is a seal between the above named mechanical seals’, and it is the secondary sealant. The sealant is referred to as the shaft. In the shaft, there are some items which are inserted in it like the O-rings, insert mountings, V-rings, and wedges.

iii) The pump seal suppliers’ mechanical seal has got some hardware which includes the compression and the gland ring, pins, springs, and bellows that help in leakage prevention.

Before the mechanical seals were introduced to prevent fluid leakage, there was some compression packing which resembled the gland packing, and they were the ones used as the main sealants though up to now, some various applications still use them for that purpose.

The current mechanical seals from the pump seal suppliers are mostly used in some applications which have the processes that the centrifugal pump may be in connection with some hazardous chemicals which include Hydrochloric acid and Sulphuric acid among others so that they can meet the environmental and safety standards of federal regulations.


Advantages of the Mechanical Seals

1. The mechanical seals always ensure, up to the regulation’s demand, that there is almost no fluid that leaks to the external environment from the centrifugal pump.

2. The mechanical seals are made in such a way that they do not react with highly corrosive fluids, and they sustain from any high pressure that may come from the fluids. There always has to be some leakages from the pump due to compression packages which at some points, they may fail due to some chemical’s deteriorating effects. However, those problems can no longer occur when we use mechanical seals to avoid leakages.

3. Mechanical seals can’t cause any friction with the moving parts. It hence means that the pump only consumes moderate power and no over usage of power during the pumping process.

4. The sleeve or shafts do not wear out when there is a mounted mechanical seal meaning they are the best to be used.

5. The components used to make the mechanical seals, and robust hence making them very durable which means no cost of maintenance is required or just very little.

6. There are very many designs of the mechanical seals currently. It also means that various applications can get to use the mechanical seals from pump seal suppliers of the designs that perfectly suit them.


The mechanical seal supplies which are basically from the pump seal suppliers are the best sealants and one should ensure that he gets at least one since it will prevent any form of leakage that might arise and it will also prevent all dangerous gaseous and fluids from entering the external environment since they are not healthy for human health.

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