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Lepu Seal's auto cooling pump seal is a mechanical seal designed for cars or automobile cooling pump, or sometimes for preventing the gas engine from freezing. Now, we can provide many series of cooling pump seals, which are all widely used by famous cars like Bency, BMW, and AUDI.

The materials for manufacturing the sealing face is varied including carbon, SIC, and ceramic. Each of them functions differently. For example, the product, made of the ceramic, has high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, what's more, the ceramic is offered with more competitive price than other kinds of materials. As for the sealing frame, it is made of the stainless steel. The sealing frame is exposed to the external environment and is more demanding in its oxidation resistance and rust corrosion performance. Considering the secondary sealing, we combine NBR and EPDM together to achieve the perfect sealing effect for their high wear resistance, good heat resistance, and strong adhesion. The product also features a humanized design. There is an elastomer rubber bellow on the rotary base.

By using all high-quality materials mentioned above, the product is suitable for working in the water, seawater, and so on. Even under the extreme temperature from -30℃ to 150℃, Lepu Seal's auto cooling pump seal is still in perfect condition.

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