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LEPU SEAL(China mechanical seal manufacturers)

Mechanical seal manufacturer since 1998

Top 10 brand of mechanical seal in China

Chinese best manufacturer for Dry gas seal and Cartridge seal.


China Mechanical Seal Manufacturer

Customized Service For Mechanical Seal

Lepu Seal (China mechanical seal manufacturers)can provide customized mechanical seal service according to clients' special requests.


We have many successful mechanical seal solutions in different industries, like food, chemical, paper making, and shipping, etc. It shows the process of our customized seal service below.


Requirement collection:

Firstly, we will always collect customers' requests about seals' parameters, application, and so on, so that we can clearly know their needs. This step is so that important that it can't be ignored and plays an important role in making the next few steps more smooth.

CAD drawing design:

We provide CAD drawings for customers so that they can see the inner parts and external design of the seals. Or if customers have their design concept or already get their product drawings, it is also practicable in Lepu Seal.

Sample production and delivery:

After getting confirmation from customers, Lepu Seal will make the exact sample based on the drawing. Having finished the sample, we will carry out strict QC procedure to test the sample and then deliver it.

Mass production:

If customers are very satisfied with the products and decide to cooperate with us for further cooperation, Lepu Seal will start to arrange the mass production in an efficient manner.


After receiving the payment. we will deliver the customized seals to customers safely and fast.


Lepu mechanical seal factory are mainly engaged in the production of the mechanical seal. LEPU SEAL's mechanical seal series contains multiple sub-products.

LEPU SEAL has great production capability and excellent technology. We also have comprehensive production and quality inspection equipment. Mechanical seal has fine workmanship, high quality, reasonable price, good appearance, and great practicality.

The following are the cooperative partners we have.

We offer free sample! Small quantity of order is accepted!

Customers can get 3% extra discount if place the order here!




In 1998, 2 young engineers established a small mechanical seal factory for providing mechanical seals and repairing service for Guangzhou local clients. After 20 years of development history, now Guangzhou Lepu Seal Machinery Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading mechanical seal suppliers in the south of China. We mainly focus on designing and manufacturing mechanical seals for many kinds of brand pumps. Our mechanical seals cover many kinds of industries like food, petrol chemical, paper making, sea ship, and so on.

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Guangzhou Lepu Seal Machinery Co., Ltd. (mechanical seal manufacturer and cartridge seal factory)has more than 100 skilled workers, 20 technical engineers, and 20 sales members. They are all working hard every day to provide high-quality mechanical seals and top service. Based on strict quality control policy and good company culture, our team has been fighting as a whole. We believe that is the guarantee of good service to our clients.

Today, more than 200 clients from different countries keep buying seals from our factory, and we help them to seal the liquid, broaden their market, and get a good reputation together in the mechanical seal field.

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