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Things You Need to Know About the Water Pump in Your Car


The water pump is a crucial and essential component of the engine of your car, without it, the car is practically useless as the engine will overheat over a short period forcing you to stop to avoid negative effects. You may be wondering how you know if your water pump is failing and may need to be replaced. You are in the right place, before shopping to shop for water pump seals suppliers, look over to learn what you should look out for to know of its times to replace your water pump and why.


A water pump is an essential tool for your car's engine as it's the main temperature regulator. It acts a coolant engine through the hoses, radiators and the entire engine block. The pump works with a belt known as the serpentine belt/ accessory belt or auxiliary belt. That is what keeps it circulating from the crankshaft pulley. The water pump works in a continuous cycle cooling everything by both breaths of air through the fans and by the hoses that appear at the front part of the vehicle. In case the water pump in your car fails, the cooling mechanisms stop causing the engine to overheat and cause other adverse damages or complete engine failure.


How can the water pump get damaged? According to the car manufacturers and water pump seals suppliers, the water pump in your car can get damaged in 3 main ways, catastrophic failure, bearing failure, and seal failure.


Catastrophic failure, just by the name, occurs in rare conditions but it is possible. Examples of such failures include chipping of pump blades or the pump impeller ejecting from the shaft. These types of failure are the worst kind of failures and can cause severe accidents due to the rapid overheat of the car's engine.


Bearing failure is actually the most common cause of water pump failures. In simple terms, this type is about wear and tear of the water pump. The lack of efficiency on the water pump bearing which can either be a sealed or lubricated bearing. A failure of this kind has its first symptom as noise because the pulley will start to wobble with the belt causing a disturbing noise. A quick fix for these kinds of failure is to get a replacement with the water pump seals suppliers.


Seal failure can be out of either of two reasons, a shaft seal due to wear and tear or a bad bearing or block seal caused by overheating or exhaustion. In this case, the best solution is also to replace with the water pump seals suppliers. It is vital to check for cracks and leaks of the coolant.


What failure signs should I look for?

Let's look into the symptoms your cars water pump may be showing to indicate it is failing or faulty. Common signs include leaks and disturbing noises but let us get more in-depth on that below.


1) Leaks from the front of your car

The coolant in your car is contained in gaskets and seals that aid to keep it safe and avoid leaks while it's maintaining a constant flow from the radiator through to the engine. After some time or after a catastrophe, the seals may start to wear out and crack, probably break up and cause leaks which will be seen at the mid center of your car. If you look closely the liquid is somewhere between green and red. This leak could cause bad effects if not overseen and here is when you need a mechanic to come to take a look and replace with the water pump seals suppliers.

If you are unsure about the leak, place a white paper beneath your car overnight and the following morning, check to see if the paper is a dump or has any visible leaks. If the leak is green or red, then it's the antifreeze but if the paper is a dump with water then you know your source. For concrete results, replace the paper with cardboard.


2) Wear and tear factors

This entails dust, corrosion or even deposits build up at the water pump. If the leak has been regular then there will be buildup of deposits around the pump that can cause it to be inefficient. Corrosion may be seen as small holes in the metal and the rust will be seen on the surface of the pump. If you see these issues as you are doing your checkups then you need to replace the water pump.


3) Disturbing noises

As mentioned above, a faulty water pump will produce noise. It can be a low pitched whining sound that indicates the water pump is faulty. To clearly listen for these noises, pop up your hood and start the engine of the car, let it run as you listen to the direct source of the noise. The whining sound is from the auxiliary belt being loose and causing a wobble with the pulley. A more aggravated noise like a grind shows the water pump has a bad bearing. For that, consult with your mechanic and get a new water pump seals supplier.


4) Overheating

This is the most obvious sign to look out for. Just like a fridge, if it doesn't keep the food cold, something is wrong. Overheating is not something you can get around to fix, the only solution is to get a new water pump seal supplier and keep driving otherwise, the engine may completely damage with more use of a faulty water pump. Overheating will be indicated as a warning light in the car.


5) Steam escape

If you notice steam or light smoke melting from the front of your car then it's a sign of overheating. Without proper circulation, the engine will overheat and steam will instantly start to escape from the front part. To be on the safe side when this occurs is to pull over and ask for the professional help from water pump seals suppliers, it is not advised to drive with such an overheated engine.


6) Loose water pump pulley

The loose belt from the water pump will start to cause a clocking sound with the pulley meaning it is loose and cannot perform its work effectively. This could be caused by worn out bearings causing a failure that cannot be fixed but will only need replacing. To be sure if the pulley is loose, you could pop up the hood and do a manual check. You should rock the pulley to get a feel of the tightness or looseness and you'll know it’s time to replace.


A water pump can be damaged very easily because you to buy the water pump seals suppliers every now and then but it is always safer to know when to replace as they can cause you to lack control of your vehicle when it overheats causing severe damages. The information above should show you what to look out for to avoid these problems.

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