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Laval Mechanical Seals and Their Benefits


The centrifugal pump is an electric pump of nature that uses an inverted impeller to increase the fluid pressure. These are commonly used for the transport of fluids through piping systems. The liquid enters the pump after a tour near its rotating shaft.


The centrifugal pump acts by converting the kinetic energy of the kinetic energy, which is often the result of a rotary electric motor or turbine, into a highly stable liquid pressure. Bernoulli's principle describes this procedure. When the impeller rotates, it imparts kinetic energy to the fluid as it is removed from the impeller's eye and ejected into the ocean.


The kinetic energy of the liquids changes when they are removed from the impeller. It becomes constant pressure due to the difference in the area in which the fluid is exposed in the spiral section. This continuous pressure occurs because the area in which the liquid is exposed to changes in the helical section. The constant pressure can be high and cause leaks. That is why you need Alfa Laval mechanical seals.


Alpha Laval mechanical seals are designed to fit most pumps, blenders and even for instigator applications. The design meets the requirements of the industry and provides rotary configurations or a complete assembly. The sealing materials deal with any liquid transported by the equipment and can enjoy advanced pump sealing technology to meet your specific needs. There are different types of Alfa Laval mechanical seals used in centrifugal pumps, and when you purchase them, you should also take some considerations to choose the best one.


Alfa Laval mechanical seals move axially along the circle or spindle so that the contact is maintained with the faces that do not seal. This feature helps to compensate for the corrosion that may occur on the seal face and the fluctuation of the alignment. These stamps are in everyday use and are less expensive. They are available in a wide range of designs and sizes but tend to hang, and some of them fill the column.


Unbalanced seals: this type of mechanical seals is used in extreme conditions where there are problems of imbalance in the columns, vibrations, and fluid cavity. They allow less fluid to filter and are very stable but low cost. However, they are seals designed for low-pressure ranges, and many fluid resistances can be superimposed with a lubricating film between the face and the seal.


Traditional seals

They are simple seals that must be adjusted and aligned in the pump sleeve or shaft. Unlike other seals, Alfa Laval mechanical seals do not need an axial transfer to maintain contact with the face. It is ideal for low pressure and high-pressure applications, but there is a need to upgrade the bellows when working in eroded environments.


Balanced seals

They can withstand high pressures on the faces and do not generate too much heat. For this reason, it is suitable for liquids with low lubrication capacity or high-pressure steam hydrocarbons.


Cartridge seals

It is to installation, especially compared to traditional seals. The seal configuration errors are significantly reduced, and this also reduces the maintenance of the seals.


The wrong choice of mechanical seals can be expensive. In addition to the liquid leakage from the centrifugal pump, its purposes will be destroyed and there will be a loss of resources, labor and time, and will cause safety risks. When buying pump seals, you should always consider:



Traditional seals may be suitable for water, but may not work with corrosive liquids such as acids. Select the appropriate sealing material so that the liquid is transported to enjoy a secure application.


Liquid pressure

For you to reach a certain height, the pump needs to add pressure to the liquid. Let the total pressure help you determine if the type of unbalanced seal is the best or if you prefer to have a balanced mechanical seal.


Fluid temperature

Some pumps can handle liquids at high temperatures, while others can handle low temperatures. The coupling surface and the sealing materials must be kind enough to maintain the temperature of the liquid.


Other important considerations are environmental concerns, safety, and fluid nature. The seal of the pump is a vital part of the pump. Make sure you have stamps from reliable manufacturers and suppliers to minimize costly quality errors.

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