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Grundfos pump sees strong half year sales growth


as a famous pump brand, grundfos pump is widely used in many countries, belows report show the growth of grundfos.

Grundfos has reported organic sales (local currencies) growth of 9.5% for the first six months of 2018, compared with 5.5% for the same period last year.

Half year 2018 net turnover of DKK12.8 billion was up 5.1% on 2017’s DKK12.2 billion.

However Grundfos delivered lower earnings for the first half of 2018, with earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) of DKK964 million versus DKK1085 million a year earlier. Grundfos says this was due to the company’s increased commercial pressure to drive market share combined with increasing commodity prices and currency fluctuations.

China, USA, UK and Germany are among the countries driving solid growth, but almost all markets developed positively for Grundfos. Strong growth in the global Service Business also contributed to the company’s overall performance.

“While we are happy with our strong organic sales growth, our EBIT for first half has been impacted by currency fluctuations and steeply increasing commodity prices,” said Grundfos CEO Mads Nipper. “Despite this margin pressure, we have chosen to uphold high commercial activity to drive growth and market share. Furthermore, we keep high pace on our strategy execution including investments in our digital transformation, strong service sales growth and other key initiatives.”tntributions to address the SDG3 challenges - UN’s Sustainable Development Goal regarding climate change,” added Nipper.

as grundfos is fast growing in the pump field, so the next question is the replacement of grundfos spare parts. everyone know some spare parts need to replaced after running several months, esepcially for mechanical seal. though grundfos had good quality for pumps, but need to replace the mechanical seals, the period depends on the conditon of running.

so where to buy the nice grundfos pump seal with cheap price? around 55%  users choose the mechanical seals made in china, accroding the reports from a independent market company. and grundfos pump is also a popular pump brand in china, but when the users need to buy the mechanical seal, they prefer to buy replacement seals that made by local manufacturer.

in south of china, around 30% big factory choose lepu seal when they need to replace their mechanical seal. " lepu seal offer a similar quality mechanical seal for our grundfos pump, but price cheap a lot than original mechanical seal, that help us to save cost "  Tomas Lee said, a professional engineer that in charge of the repairing in a world famous beverage factory in guangzhou.

lepu seal is a professional mechanical seal factory, which located in guangzhou,and focus on manufacturering mechanical seal since 1998.  cover many kinds of famous pump mechanical seal, esecially for grundfos pump. in fact, several big pump manufacturers in guangzhou use similar design mechanical seal, lepu seal is a long time parter to make mechanical seal for them.

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