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AAA supplier from xingheng pump group


“ Congratulation for the great success to Lepu Machinery! And thanks for the hard working in the past 3 years.” Mr. Jiang, the General Manager of XINGHENG PUMP GROUP, he give his best wish and congrats to Lepu machinery.

From 2015 to 2017, lepu machinery provide high quality mechanical seal to xingheng pump, and was rated as the “AAA” top mechanical seal supplier.

There is only one AAA supplier of mechanical seal,  in fact, Guangzhou lepu machinery manufactured mechanical seal for xinheng’s pump for many years, and help their pump develop a big market in several province. Now xingheng pump group is a leading pump supplier in southe of china.

According the market data from Xingheng pump, mechanical seal made by Guangzhou lepu machinery had nice quality, with high resistance when the pump running, and help client save money.

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