Lepu Seal - A Professional China Mechanical Seal Manufacturer providing Cartridge Seal, Grundfos Mechanical Seal And We offer free sample!

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Lepu mechanical seal manufacturer provides best mechanical seal parts. This products group include silicon carbide ring, carbon ring, tungsten carbide ring, ceramic ring, o'ring,  sic bush, tc bush, ffim o'ring, and so on,  also some spring for mechanical seal, like wave spring for m7n,  multi spring.

As a professional  mechanical seal factory and mechanical seal manufacturer in China, Lepu seal provide not only whole mechanical seal sets, but also making seal parts for our clients. etc,  silicon carbide ring for mechanical seal, silicon carbide bush or sleeve,  and tungsten carbide ring for mechanical seal,  tungsten carbide sleeves.

For some special market, we also manufacturing carbon ring for mechanical seal, carbon bush for mechanical seal manufacturers.

For some clients, they need wave spring or multi-spring for the seal, that is also our products. etc, wave spring for m7n mechanical seal,  h7n mechanical seal also use wave spring.

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