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rv hot water tank installation

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-19
The leisure car is designed to improve the quality of life of the owner, giving him more opportunities to explore, relax and enjoy life.
However, it does take some work to have the rv if it is to be properly maintained.
One of the most important elements of RV care is the water tank.
If you need to replace the current tank and install the new one, it will take only a few steps to complete.
Description difficulty: connect the cold water outlet, hot water inlet and gas pipe to the new water tank.
Slide the unit into the right tank cut on the RV until flush with the side.
Please be sure to look outside the gate.
Pipe the gas line through the proper opening in the heater.
Bend the flange to 90-degree angle.
To prevent water leakage, fill in the seam around the opening.
Screw into the bracket provided around the four corners of the heater.
Connect the repair door by breaking the supplied hinge pin into the clip and sliding the lid on the top of the hinge pin.
Finally, slide the hinge pin into the lid and snap it into the clip at the same time.
Open the acess door of the water tank and install screws around the flange of the water heater housing.
Before filling the tank with water, turn on the gas and check for gas leakage.
After filling, check if there is any water leakage.
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