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free electricity is available to you today; never pay your power company again

by:Lepu Seal     2020-05-18
With these new methods today, homeowners can get free energy in about a week.
Energy saving 30%-
100% is true and expected.
Free energy is everywhere.
All we have to do is collect it or convert it into a form available.
That\'s what your power company is doing on a larger scale.
The power company has a disadvantage.
It must be delivered.
Power companies need power lines and gas companies need pipelines.
Oil companies need trucks.
You don\'t need anything.
The delivery cost is zero for you.
It\'s free to let your own energy.
Our technology today is more real than ever.
Educate yourself and see how close you are to making your own energy.
A variety of power like Sunshine (
However, it still exists.
Those homeowners who buy solar panel installation in paste for $20,000 or more have a 25-year payback.
That said, the electricity saved paid for the installation and started paying for the homeowner after 25 years. Wind and geo-
There is also a big return period for Thermal.
What if you build and install an energy system yourself?
Aware of today, there are kits and guides that show you how to do it.
Material cost and time will be your investment, which is usually 1/10 of the cost of commercial installation.
Solar panels for home use-
The power of the solar panel produced by the owner is 75 watts (about $98)
175 watts per panel.
By connecting the solar panel system together, 1000 watts of power can be achieved.
The basic element of the solar panel is the solar battery, you need to buy it.
Many solar cell dealers promote solar cell kits for $40 to $100 depending on your panel size and grade of solar cells.
A- class solar cells are located at the top of the production line and produce up to 3. 5 amps at .
The calculation result is 5 volts of 1. 75 watts.
A component consisting of 100 solar cells will make a 175-watt panel.
Class B battery is slightly defective and sells for 80%-90% of grade A.
Like the corner chip, class C is damaged, but the function and cost is about 50% of the Class A.
The rest of the panel structure is plywood, glass, welding material, usually a rectifier and RTV sealing material.
The build time for each panel is 1 to 2 days.
Wind turbines produced in China-
Wind turbines produced (from $140)
Consists of blades, Motors/generators, rotating brackets with wind and towers.
All materials are available at hardware stores or car dumps.
The Hart of the wind generator is the motor/generator.
All motors can be used as generators.
You just need the axis of rotation.
The ideal generator will generate an 18 V voltage at a speed of about 300 rpm (rpm).
This is where most wind turbines are at 10-
One mile wind per hour
The speed of the shaft is important.
An AC generator and a generator for a car is a possible option.
Special motors on EBay can generate a lot of voltage at low rpm.
These special motors will generate up to 48 volts and 450 watts of power at 20 mph winds.
Blades can be purchased or manufactured from 6 inch plastic drains.
The blade must be almost perfect in order to work well.
The tower can be a simple rod with a guide wire support, or it can be as delicate as the antenna tower.
The build time is about 1 week.
This is the simplest but most effective solar hot water (about $50)
Energy Solutions. By pre-
Heating hot water with a homemade solar electric heating box saves you up to 30% of your energy costs.
Hot water is the most expensive energy system after heating/air conditioning in the House).
This solar hot water tank system is made of plywood, glass, plastic pipes and sealing materials.
By collecting infrared rays like a greenhouse, you can heat the water to over 120 degrees even in winter.
This is enough to turn off your water heater.
When the demand for hot water reaches the peak, the water heater needs to operate normally like early morning and washing clothes.
For the rest of the day, the water is heated in a solar box and stored overnight in the water heater.
The build time is about 1 day.
This is the latest source of energy and political fees.
Many economies are based on oil and coal, and they may be threatened with enormous risks.
Scale of free energy.
What is special about the magnet energy is that it does not require the sun, wind, or other natural forces. Therefore;
It runs 24/7 day and night, day after day.
It will not be interrupted by nature, more efficient than other families
Power supply generated at a scale of 2 or 3 times.
Its function is a physical problem.
The prototype system has been working since the 1990s.
Recently, several efforts to commercialize this equipment have been started since 2007, and it may take 10 years to meet the standards between countries.
As a result, several
This magnetic energy equipment is provided by the power Guide Rail produced.
By carefully selecting the power supply and keeping the magnet properly relevant to the coil, you can make a generator.
The equipment has ordinary aluminum, copper, plastic, cloud chips, magnet wires and magnets.
All of this will be sold in hardware stores, Radio sheds or on the Internet.
The construction time is about a week.
You only need ordinary household tools.
Making more than one such generator, coupled with a deep cycle battery and a power inverter, can inject energy into your entire home.
Serious readers pay close attention ~ Pioneers in the energy sector spent a lifetime developing technology. You could too.
But why not learn from them and get guidance.
The tour guide is cheep.
They can save you time and money and guarantee success.
With modern guides available today, you can complete energy projects in solar, wind, solar thermal or magnetic power generation in less than a week, this is your choice and it will be the first time
This is the way to go.
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