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diesel effect - the reasons and preventions

by:Lepu Seal     2020-06-11
Sometimes rod seals in hydraulic systems start to leak or fail due to an effect called \"diesel effect.
The question now is, what exactly is this diesel effect?
Technically, when the air in the hydraulic cylinder is attracted from the rod seal, diluted in the hydraulic fluid, and exploded when pressurized, the diesel effect will occur.
The whole process of what we call the diesel effect is over.
This inflation will cause some problems with the hydraulic cylinder.
Let\'s discuss it in more detail.
Double cylinder and double cylinder diesel engine
The action hydraulic cylinder exits due to its heavy weight, then the rod side of the cylinder can require more fluid volume than the pump actually supplies.
In this case, negative pressure is generated on the rod side of the cylinder, eventually draining the air from the rod seal inside the cylinder.
This is an ongoing problem with the rod seal designed to keep the high pressure fluid and discharge the air.
Now, the result of this ventilation is dilution of air in the hydraulic fluid.
This ventilation is undesirable as it causes overheating and less lubrication.
In addition, the compression of air and oil leads to an explosion, thus damaging the cylinder due to sealing.
If you look closely, one will notice that the \"diesel effect\" is actually an alias for the combustion process of a diesel engine.
The problem of preventing the diesel effect can be handled skillfully by regularly checking the adjustment and operation of the circuit protection device.
As the saying goes, timely stitching can save nine, failures of hydraulic machines or any other machines, and can save a lot of money, time and effort if determined in advance.
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