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At Lepu Seal, our single spring mechanical seal adopts single spring design. We have totally three types of single spring mechanical seal available. Mechanical seal 166, 155, and 104 can be provided to customers based on their needs.

We can offer the product in a wide range of configurations in accordance with the strict international industry standard. Numerous seal face materials are available, varying from carbon, silicon carbide, and tungsten carbide to other specialized options. We can provide single spring seal with any material combination you may need. The product requires few parts and hence can be easily assembled or dismantled. Its single coil seals can be offered in unbalanced as well as balanced design, which allows it to be found in many applications. Designed with an open coil spring, the product can be used for non-clogging and self-cleaning operation. If being used properly in the standardized temperature range, the product can be used for long-term usage with its higher and heat pressure resistance.

Lepu Seal always provides products with high cost-performance ratio. For example, our type 155 (155B) is a very economic mechanical seal. It is highly valuable and is equipped with interchangeable components. As a low-cost seal, it is used for many famous pumps, like Lowara pump, Flowserve pump, and so on. It is easy to replace and maintain.

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