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This is a seal ring especially designed for food, beverage pipes, and equipment. Now it is commonly used in many famous food and beverage factories.

We use 100% pure PTFE to wrap the inside of the HNBR ring, which helps the seal ring work in extreme temperature ranging from -20℃ to 200℃. There is no hardening damage happened on the product under low temperature. The product offers high resistance when running. More importantly, the seal ring made of PTFE has high chemical stability and chemical inertness. It is resistant to the strong acid, oxidant and solvent. It also has the characteristics of water resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. One thing needs to be mentioned is that it can play out its maximum performance under the pressure of 60Mpa. Pure PTFE sealing ring is a kind of clean sealing product, which is totally healthy to people and will not pollute any substances, and can be widely used in food, medicine, and other industries.

Lepu Seal offers much lower price for the PTFE seal ring and guarantees there is zero leakage happened on this ring. The size and shape can all be customized according to customers' concepts or design.

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