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mechanical seal installation for centrifugal pool pumps

by:Lepu Seal     2020-02-17
Your pool pump is one of the key components of your pool filtration system;
Sometimes, however, it needs some overhaul.
One of the more common repairs on the pool or spa pump is to replace the mechanical seal.
This is one of the repairs that could cost you a lot of money.
A more cost-effective way to do this repair is to learn how to do it yourself.
The purpose of the pump seal all the centrifugal pumps are installed with shaft seal.
The purpose of these shaft seals is to prevent the leakage of water or liquid from pumping out along the shaft.
It is very important to understand the mechanical pump seal design.
It teaches you how a basic mechanical seal works.
So how do I replace the seal on the pool pump?
Please understand!
In some swimming pools and spa pumps, the installation of some pump seals is slightly different;
However, the main purpose of the seal is the same.
This is to stop the leak.
Mechanical seal repair you must cut off all the power supply of the pump motor before starting the seal repair.
After the power is disconnected, you must lock the main circuit breaker.
This will prevent any accidental switching of the power supply.
The tools and resources required for the replacement of the seals for the swimming pool pump mechanical seals require some basic tools and parts to complete the work.
These are things like: now you\'re ready to re-
Assemble your pool centrifugal pump.
But first, you need to replace the volute paper washer and fix it in place with a little RTV silicone sealant. Always use non-
Hardened silicone lubricants on all pool and spa pump repairs.
Do not use Vaseline or any other lubricant made of oil.
They can cause problems by eating some paper and plastic washers.
Once the paper pad is in place, you can start to re-
Assemble your pump. Congrats!
You just save yourself a bunch of money by replacing the mechanical seal on the pool pump.
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