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Mechanical seal how to change?

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-07
Mechanical seal how to change? 2020 - 11 - 9 mechanical seal replacement work how to do? The mechanical seal manufacturer as you say. Demolition of fractional coupling, the coupling of fixed socket head screw down first, and then gently pull half coupling slowly from the axis, careful not to drop, with a ring spanner unscrewed the pump shaft fasten bolts and stop, let the slowly sinking to the pump body, impeller and then remove the other half coupling, pump shaft collar. Remove the mechanical seal: seize the seal spring up along the pump shaft, can tear open come down to. Remove and clean the bearing seat: first gently loosen the scrapped after the bearing bolt jacking housings, up and down the pump shaft and unloaded, then clean with jet fuel, bearing and dry before loading and daub a few 20 machine oil for lubrication protection. Down the sealing seat: unscrewing the sealing gland nut, gently remove seal seat and cleaning. Mechanical seal assembly: in the dynamic and static ring mirror on the 20th of coating a layer of clean oil, guide bearing also wipe on lubricating oil, first locate the static ring slightly into the guide bearing seat, again on the pump shaft with lubricating oil, put the ring part gently into the pump shaft, with handle gently push the seal ring should be able to scale easily, note that part of the dynamic and static ring anti-rotating parts should be assembled in place. Under the motor shaft coupling: head mount retaining ring, mount half couplings, and in the pump shaft end and coupling slots on the block by ring spanner tighten bolts; Put the other half coupling screw on the socket head cap screw. Coupling the correct check installation requirements: for fractional coupling gap needs to be evenly from top to bottom, with the hand plate dynamic coupling laps check flexibility. Pack sealing seat: first the seal seat into rubber oil seal, and then put the seal seat into the pump cover and pressure on the bearing seat, tighten the nut, make sure that all mounting screw fastening. When installing screw is used as the sealing between the shaft and the drive, shaft should be countersunk to reinforce the connection, tighten gland bolts should be tightened smoothly, and don't make gland by elastic. Where possible the use of more than four screw spacing gland, tighten gland bolts, the clearance between shaft and gland were examined with a feeler gauge, it in a sealed cavity gland does not guide, appears especially important, because in the gland must be.
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