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chd engineer sells water pumps online in tn, draws pichai\'s praise | chandigarh news - times of india

by:Lepu Seal     2019-10-29
Chandigarh: Chandigarh-
UK-based entrepreneur K. S. Bhatia received 50 missed calls on Sunday morning.
Just a few minutes ago, Google CEO sandal Pichai gave a speech in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a \"digital India\" dinner in San Jose for top tech CEO, California.
In Chandigarh, one
Pichai said: \"man retailer is selling water pumps and he has decided to put his business online and today he is the largest water pump retailer in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, \"expressed appreciation for the business model of Bhatia\'s pumpkart. com.
Battia woke up late and missed the TV talk.
\"Internet tour from my 14-year-
An internet wizard gave me this domain name (also the idea)
My birthday two years ago.
He told me it\'s true that this vertical thing hasn\'t been touched, \"said 45-year-old battia cheerfully. year-
Graduate of old chemical industry, founder and CEO of pumpkart. com.
\"We set up a search engine optimization team and invested in Google Adwords, today, if you pump anywhere in the world,
Google UK or Google USA
The name of the pumpkart will pop up.
Looking for our growing business, even top e-commerce
Commercial companies are forced to introduce pumps into their listings.
\"Other companies have created websites and left on that,\" he said . \".
Looking back at the success of the Internet, Bhatia recalls, \"We started with stock pumps, but it quickly became an online market, and today we have 200 brands.
The market value of the pump is Rs 2,600, of which nearly 60% are unorganized.
There are more than 400 manufacturers in this country.
He explained: \"Ask him why he clicked in the distant state of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.
\"In Tamil Nadu, the high penetration rate of the Internet seems to have brought us benefits, and our model provides convenience for domestic and agricultural customers.
In Maharashtra, the situation is different and most of the existing pump manufacturers are not exposed in remote areas.
About 35% of the company\'s sales are in both states.
Battia believes the Indian Post can help entrepreneurs like him take things to a new level.
\"Logistics is an obstacle we face, considering
Knitting network owned by India Post can supplement e-commerce
By helping companies to do business in remote areas, business development has been greatly promoted.
But he added that despite these problems, the future of e-commerce
The business prospects in India are very bright.
\"We only have $17 billion now, e-
Business in China has grown to $550 billion, while in the US, to $350 billion.
\"So this is a phenomenon to stay here,\" Bhatia said . \".
Although battia has been selling water pumps offline for 17 years, it is his online market that has given him a place.
\"Google India recently conducted a case study of pumpkart.
Com may open up a new field around the world.
\"Earlier, we were awarded a regional champion of 2014 for Google India\'s SME Hero Challenge,\" he said . \".
The gift of God on birthday K Bhatia was awarded to the field of pumpkart.
Just two years ago, his son had his birthday on September 26.
\"This year\'s Digital India dinner in California mentioned this as a gift from God.
\"According to local time in the United States, it also happened on my birthday, which is a pleasant coincidence,\" he said . \".
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