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Our exquisitely-made elastomer bellow shaft seal now is popular for its compact and unitized design. In many demanding applications, the product offers maximum durability and performance.

The elastomer bellow mechanical seal has an independent direction of rotation. By adopting a single spring design, the product is unbalanced. The materials of elastomer bellow seal for manufacturing the stationary seal face are varied based on different conditions. For the purpose of gaining the lower cost, ceramic is the ideal material while the carbon and silicon are 2 kinds of popular materials for the rotary and stationary seal ring. High-performance silicon carbides are also available. With an innovative bellow design, the elastomer mechanical seal is pressure-supported and will not fold under high pressure. In addition, the dent and groove design eliminate the overstressing to prevent the bellows from slipping and protect the shaft and sleeve from wearing. We adopt flexible elastomer bellows automatically ro compensate for abnormal shaft-end play and equipment tolerances. One important thing that we can guarantee is that there is no clogging. Single-coil spring provides greater dependability than multiple spring and will not foul due to the fluid contact.

Our elastomer bellow shaft seal is safe in its operation and easy in its installation. At Lepu Seal, all our products have passed the certification of SGS, ISO, CE, UL, and SGS.

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