Why do mechanical seal wear?

by:Lepu     2021-01-20
Why do mechanical seal wear? 2020 - 11 - 5 mechanical seal in the process of practical application, the mechanical seal is mechanical wear, so that what are the reasons? The following and see it together. Mechanical seal leakage is more common in mechanical wear and abrasion caused the seal face separation, resulting in seal leakage. Mechanical wear also can destroy sealing pair normally cooperate relationship, make the shaft rotates cause axial displacement and oscillating packing element, lead to mechanical seal leakage. The mechanical seal leakage according to the specific conditions of mechanical seal wear trace accurately judgment. Traces if seal wear uniform, resulting in leakage of mechanical seal leakage is caused by the other parts. Now need to detect other parts rather than the seal itself. If there is no wear trace and leak sealing pair, that might be ring relative to the static ring not rotating or sliding, to stop pin or base for testing, to determine whether the stop pin off or the aperture and seal the outer diameter of the base does not match. If mechanical seal wear trace is deep, it is possible that the shaft is rotated seal deputy appear separation, has a large carbon particles embedded soft face, hard material as seal material available at this time.
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