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What is the meaning of mechanical seal?

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-17
What is the meaning of mechanical seal? 2020 - 4 - 16 mechanical seal for the meaning of life is greatly, so the main meaning is reflected in what respect? Get together to understand the meaning of the mechanical seal under below. A though not leading technology, sealing technology, but it is a crucial technology. For example, the U. S. space shuttle challenger falling due to seal the accident; Plant circulating pump in order to safe and reliable, by a change without shaft seal of pump shaft seal pump. Improvement after mechanical seal for reliable work, and by no shaft seal change back into a shaft seal pump, so as to improve the efficiency of the motor. Said the two things fully Ming mechanical seal technology, though not in the lead but it is a crucial technology. Second, although the seal is not big, just a parts, but it can decide the safety, reliability and durability of machinery and equipment in petroleum chemical pump shaft seal in a kettle is not big, in the event of product leakage accident, not only will affect the work of pump equipment, also can produce the combustion or explosion, process equipment downtime and personal casualties, and so on. Three, mechanical seal in the daily machine pump kettle and other equipment maintenance work, work accounted for about 50% of through survey of some petrochemical enterprises at home and abroad, illustrates in daily machine pump kettle and so on equipment maintenance, the maintenance workload of mechanical seal is almost 50%. Maintenance of centrifugal pump is approximately 70% due to seal failure.
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