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What is the function of mechanical seal?

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-04
What is the function of mechanical seal? 2020 - 11 - 25 mechanical seal has what function? What was so special about it? The mechanical seal manufacturer to tell you. Machine power, progress, lowering energy consumption. Second, save raw materials. Process fluid back, for example, to cut or eliminate power steam and process fluid loss, reduce loss of oil seal, etc. Three, the progress strong sex machine. For example, the shaft seal leakage and resolution shaft seal and machine of sexual life. Four, safety and environmental protection. According to Japan's query report in one power plant, in the 786 issue of an episode of 32 is let the cat out of the form ( (42%) 。 In addition process fluid leakage will form the pollution of the environment, including air pollution, water pollution and workshop environment pollution. So, the function of the mechanical seal is very much. More mechanical seal manufacturer information click:
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