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what does dsi mean in an rv water heater?

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-18
For those who like to spend their time outdoors but don\'t want to give up the comfort of their family, the leisure car is a great choice, including warm water.
Most RVs are equipped with propane gas water heaters.
Some RV water heaters must be manually lit using matches or other fire sources, while others have direct spark ignition (DSI)switch.
If your RV water heater is equipped with DSI, this means it has an automatic ignition system.
The water heater itself will push-
When you are ready for the water heater to start working, you will press the button switch to turn the device on.
For proper use, make sure there is water in the tank before lighting your RV water heater.
If your RV does not have a DSI water heater then your water heater does not have an automatic ignition switch.
Instead, you need to use matches or stripes to manually light the indicator light of the water heater in order to get hot water in the camper.
The function of the DSI water heater switch the DSI switch activates the burner and the burner heats the water until the predetermined temperature is reached.
The burner will not remain in working condition all the time.
On the contrary, once this temperature is reached, the burner will go out.
It will only re-
Lit when using warm water in a camping car.
The safest RV water heater option direct spark ignition is safer and easier than using a pilot flame, as the circuit board closes the valve immediately after reaching the predetermined temperature.
Most RVs are made with this technology, although you often find manual systems at a lower levelend models.
Be sure to find out how the water heater on any rv you are considering buying is lit. .
DSI water heater types many RVs are equipped by manufacturers with Atwood or suburban direct spark ignition water heaters as they are the two largest producers of camper water heaters.
Most DSI camper car water heaters range in sizes from 6 to 10 gallons, which is enough to use the sink and shower in the RV.
Safety considerations for RV water heaters are an important consideration.
It is highly recommended that the DSI switch remain closed during travel and during storage of the RV during travel and other non-travel periodsuse.
Be sure to turn off the water heater before leaving the camp.
After the trip, when you park, verify that it is closed and check again before departing for another trip to make sure it is not turned on.
When your RV water heater stops using for the time being, it\'s better to drain its water out.
Article written by AC. BauerA. C.
Bauer is an experienced adventurer who explores four continents, including hiking in Machu Picchu, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, running ice age trails and riding a road bike from the front door.
She wrote marketing materials for eight years, worked for sporting goods companies in Red Bull, Disney and Dick, and received a master\'s degree in entertainment and sports science from Ohio University.
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