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What are the mechanical seal cleaning method

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-05
What are the mechanical seal cleaning method - 2020 8 - 26 what mechanical seal is the cleaning method? These problems are worth considering, so what is the specific situation? The following and see it together. Flush type cooling: when the temperature of the sealing medium in ling? 8 when t, is used for mechanical seal flush type cooling. 'Fluid entry is on friction surface. Rinse eyes mechanical seal company is to keep the friction surface temperature within a certain range, and prevent impurities gathered near the seal face. This is a commonly used method of cooling, washing and external flushing two can be divided into its own. Within the body wash is as a medium to be sealed rinses, general pump for mechanical seals are such equipment can be used. By the exit of the pump, a small part of the liquid directly flushing friction end face, and then flow into the pump chamber. When transporting high temperature or with particles medium, can be in the pipeline between pump export to flush the entrance with cooler or filters. External flushing is another case of a flushing fluid system, to wash and cooling. More used in high temperature or medium containing particles, but its structure is more complex. Static ring back cooling: this cooling method is the cooling medium ( Such as water) The static friction ring back directly to need cooling end face, the cooling medium does not mix with the working medium. The cooling method of simple structure, the effect is better also, applicable temperature range is wide. But the downside is the requirement of cooling water hardness is low, especially the seal of high temperature medium. Because of the high hardness of water, will be in the vicinity of the seals on the shaft of produce scale, make the seal failure. At the same time prevent the cooling water along the axis to leak out side. Static ring peripheral cooling: in order to solve the problem of scale, with the method of static ring peripheral cooling, this method due to the cooling water is not direct contact with the shaft or sleeve/so avoids have occurred on the shaft or the shaft sleeve, also prevent the water leakage along the axial air side, requirement for the quality of cooling water can be reduced, but its good cooling effect is better than the static ring back cooling. More mechanical seal information click: WWW. rmjxmf。 com
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