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What are the characteristics of the mechanical seal? What are the causes of wear?

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-29
What are the characteristics of the mechanical seal? What are the causes of wear? 2018 - 8 - 18 mechanical seal is through at least a pair of transverse vertical and rotational axis, stretch (by fluid pressure and compensation Or magnetic force) Role, at the same time, combined with auxiliary seal fit makes to keep fit at the same time the relative sliding and don't let the fluid formed by the leakage of a device. The compensation of the mechanical seal ring auxiliary seal is metal corrugated pipe, also can be called a bellows mechanical seal. Mechanical seal according to the head of the installation position can be put inside the mechanical seal into type and mounted; Mechanical seal according to the elastic element structure and layout can be divided into more than spring, diaphragm, single spring and corrugated pipe, etc. ; The number of mechanical seal in accordance with the sealing face and sealing head can be divided into single face and double face; Mechanical seal according to the medium degree of pressure unloading effect on the seal face can be divided into equilibrium and non-equilibrium model. Mechanical seal is mainly through the elastic element of static/dynamic ring end face seal preloaded, medium pressure and the elastic element of pressure and the axial end face sealing device. Mechanical seal is usually divided into contact and non-contact two kinds big. Mechanical seal leak amount can be limited to very few, high sealing pressure, long service life, good resistance to vibration, without adjustment during operation ( Have a spring and fluid pressure) And the characteristics of the complex structure dismantling inconvenient. It is easy to wear mechanical seal has five aspects: the first is the erosion ( Brush) Abrasion: because of the high speed flow of liquid or gas erosion; The second is abrasive wear, because the chemical corrosion led to a gap at high temperature is easy to happen this kind of wear and tear. The third is the adhesive wear: two kinds of sliding friction pair material surface force caused by attracted to each other. Fourth is abrasive wear: because two rough surface grinding cut or because the stuff outside in the seal gap is as the result of the abrasive. Fifth, surface fatigue wear: sliding surface fatigue cracks caused by thermal stress and crack. Click more mechanical seal manufacturers information: /
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