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What are mechanical seal manufacturers of periodic leak?

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-10
What are mechanical seal manufacturers of periodic leak? 2018 - 6 - A mechanical seal manufacturers periodic leak what? Water pump mechanical seal is a kind of very demanding precision components, not only in terms of design, machining and assembling to high demand, in use process also has the certain requirement, only the right to use, to ensure that the water pump mechanical seal can be long-term reliable operation, there will be no leakage problem. Water pump mechanical seal may appear periodic leakage problem, so how to solve? Solve the problem of water pump mechanical seal leakage, pump rotor axial momentum large, secondary seal and shaft interference quantity is big, ring cannot be flexible on the shaft to move. In turn pump, dynamic and static ring wear, without compensation displacement. Countermeasures: when assembling the pump mechanical seal, shaft axial channeling momentum should be less than 0. 1 mm and the auxiliary seal and shaft of interference should be moderate, while guarantee the radial sealing, can guarantee on the shaft collar is assembled flexible mobile ( Press ring to spring are free to bounce back) 。 2, sealing surface lubricating oil quantity insufficient cause dry friction or hair the seals. Countermeasures: oil chamber cavity lubricating oil surface height should be added to the above dynamic and static ring sealing surface. 3, rotor periodic vibration. The reason is that the stator and the upper and lower cover not on or in the impeller and shaft imbalance, cavitation or bearing damage, Wear) That would shorten the seal life and leakage.
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