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ways in which piston seals ensure process safety

by:Lepu Seal     2020-04-21
In most commercial and industrial applications, the safety of hydraulic and pneumatic processes depends largely on the selection of sealing elements.
Piston seals are the sealing elements selected in many pneumatic and hydraulic processes and systems.
These seals have several ideal attributes.
These include but are not limited to: tight sealing performance, less space consumption, light weight, ability not to be affected by the process medium, ability to withstand high temperature and pressure, low friction, etc.
Of course, there are many other industrial requirements for sealing elements, which are met by various manufacturers on the market.
In fact, some companies can also provide customized products such as size, diameter, thickness, hardness.
When seals are made from high quality materials using the best manufacturing technology, they can last longer and provide excellent results.
Before you can continue to purchase piston seals, you will need to make a list of the must-have
Your hydraulic or pneumatic process.
This list will help you to compare between different seals on the market and do a good job
A wise decision
The desired shape, size, diameter, material, other geometric dimensions, resistance, fit surfaces, etc. are just a few points that must be
Have the list you drafted.
There are seals specially made for aerospace or automotive industry, plastic injection molding applications, conventional or heavy duty
Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, valves, excavators, hydraulic fracturing machines and more.
The advantages of piston seals in many cases these seals are considered to be more expensive T-
Seal and cover seal with loading fluorine.
However, there are several advantages over these.
The following are several main advantages: the installation time and cost are lower as the sealing life is extended, and these components provide reliable performance. There are several applications that are vulnerable to high impact loads.
These seals provide ideal performance in this case.
They are available in design such as high wear resistance, caustic soda process medium, friction, etc.
Users can expect static and dynamic static functions.
They don\'t squeeze or bite when they pass through the port.
These seals can be used at various working pressures, temperatures and surface speeds.
Certain piston seals have special compounds that provide extended sealing life.
These piston rings are made of glass-reinforced nylon with great tensile strength.
So if you have a heavy
Hydraulic or pneumatic applications, then the use of a piston seal will ensure the safety of your process and personnel.
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