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viton o rings are versatile and multipurpose due to their ...

by:Lepu Seal     2020-06-28
What image do you think when you hear the word O-Ring?Yes, it exactly matches the numbers you imagine.It is a cross-shaped ring made of rubber.Part of the disk-shaped.The purpose of this design is to have it fixed in the groove.When the ring is assembled between two or more parts, it is compressed.
Therefore, the surface becomes very sealed.Engineers appreciate O-Ring, because it is probably the simplest (and most elaborate) seal design in the history of mechanical engineering.No wonder you can see it everywhere.In the field of mechanical design, it is a very important and general design.
High quality Viton rings are required for automotive fuel handling systems, mechanical equipment, aircraft and other engines, and for a wide range of applications where there is a risk of chemical exposure.O-Used for valves, pumps, mechanical seals, filters, hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, cylinders and actuators, etc.The size of O-Rings range from 1mm to 1000mm.
It is also possible to make more than 1000mm rings, but it requires a special stepMolding process.You can find rings made of various materials such as Viton, silicone, rubber, polyurethane, etc.Why is Viton ring so popular?Several notable features of the Viton rubber O-ring make it so popular.
First of all, they have excellent temperature resistance.Therefore, rings are useful in machines and tools that generate a lot of heat.They can provide long term service without much wear and tear.
The Viton ring is a low-air and low-compression ring.They have good resistance to chemicals, hydrocarbons and solvents.In addition, these rings are very tough on ozone attacks and aging.
What should be emphasized when ordering Viton rings?In terms of order quality, it is very important to order materials from the wellWell-known manufacturers with a wide range of customers.These rings are called sealing experts, so you have to get it from the topRating manufacturers to meet standards for quality and service.Make sure the manufacturer is able to deliver the ring to your specifications.
These wonderful rings can be found in the sanitary accessories of your bathroom to the shuttle.Useful as face-to-Face seal and shaft seal;The ring provides excellent efficiency and smooth rotation and straight line movement
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