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Vacuum pump and diaphragm pump mechanical seal installation and use

by:Lepu Seal     2020-04-02
1, mechanical seal: (to the requirement of the machine precision In the vacuum pump mechanical seal, for example) ( 1) Installation of mechanical seal parts of the shaft ( Or collar) The biggest radial run-out tolerance no more than 0. 04 ~ 0. 06mm。 ( 2) The rotor axial channeling can't move more than 0. 3mm。 ( 3) Seal cavity and sealing end cover positioning end face of shaft ( Or collar) On the surface of the run-out tolerance is more than 0. 04 ~ 0. 06mm。 2, seal confirmation: ( 1) Make sure that the installation whether seal is consistent with the requirements of the model. ( 2) Carefully before installation and assembly drawing, parts number is complete. ( 3) Adopt and coil spring driving mechanical seal, the spring has the branch of left and right hand, to be prepared in accordance with the axis of rotation has been selected. The installation method: 3, seal method according to the mechanical seal type, the type of machine is different, but the main point is almost the same installation, the installation steps and matters needing attention are as follows: ( 1) Determine the size of installation: installation, should according to the instructions on the use of the products or samples, to ensure that the mechanical seal installation size. ( 2) Before loading, axis ( Collar) , gland should be no burr, bearing in good condition; Seal, shaft, sealing cavity, gland should be cleaned. In order to reduce frictional resistance, and shaft installed on the part of the mechanical seal to thin coated with a layer of oil, for lubrication, considering the intermiscibility of rubber o-ring, if not oil, but with soap and water. Without a stop pin float mounted static ring structure, should not be oiled, into the gland should be dry. ( 3) Static ring with gland first installed on the shaft, be careful not to into the shaft, then the ring components into. Spring bridge or transmission of the set screws should be evenly tighten several times. Before his fixed gland of compensation loop for axial compression with the hand, loosen after compensation ring can automatically back no card lag phenomenon, then gland nut evenly tied to lock.
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