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unlocking the secrets of the braking system

by:Lepu Seal     2019-12-26
Q: I have an anti-Lincoln Mark VII.
Lock brake system.
These types of brakes are new to me.
When I try to park, the brakes create a feeling of instability.
I complained to the dealer but was told it was the normal function of the brake system.
After 18,000 miles, I had to replace the rotor because the pad was not fully recovered.
After the repair, I never experienced the raw feeling of braking.
These new reactions
The lock brake system feels different from the old brake system, is the updated brake pads worn faster? --K. D. W. Answer:
There are sensors on the wheel of the locking brake system, and when a specific brake device locks or starts to slip on the road surface, the sensor reports to the computer.
In the event of a lock, the computer takes over and commands the system to start the pulse brake in a somewhat similar manner to the manual pump delivery brake to prevent loss of control. But in an anti-
Lock system, very fast pulse--
About 12 times per second.
The way each system works is different, but usually the pulse happens so fast that you can\'t really detect it from the feel of the brake pedal.
If you experience a pulse or beat of the brake, it is more likely to be caused by a defect in the brake rotor or drum than by a counterlock system.
Twisted rotor or out-of-
The drum will cause obvious fluctuations on the brake pedal.
The failure of the pad retraction is not uncommon.
In the old drum system, the brake shoe is pulled back from the drum through a solid spring.
But in the disc brake system, the brake pads are pulled back from the rotor (or disk)
Elasticity of rubber seals.
Due to the aging of these seals or the damage of contaminated brake fluid, they may not be able to complete the work.
As a result, the pads will be too early on the rotor and wear.
If your rotor is twisted, it can cause pad wear even if there is no failure of the rubber seal.
The twisted rotor swings during rotation, thus scraping the liner during rotation.
In the end, the pads wear and the metal back plate will damage the metal rotor.
The pads no longer contain asbestos, but that doesn\'t mean they wear out faster. The new semi-
The metal pads are fairly hard and actually durable than the old ones.
Besides, they do not cause lung cancer.
Q: New EC of Arco-
1 gasoline is sold as a substitute for lead gasoline but not lead.
Since it\'s cheaper than unleaded gasoline and has a higher Cetane value, why can\'t I use it on a new car that uses unleaded fuel? --L. L. K.
You can use it except for a question.
Nozzle on EC-
1 The pump is designed to fit the neck of the tank with lead gasoline.
The nozzle is too large to fit the neck of lead-free fuel.
As a marketing decision, Arco wants to limit fuel as a lead fuel alternative.
Ironically, this fuel is not a lead-free alternative.
In contrast, Arco believes that lead-free fuel has little damage to the old engine designed for lead fuel.
The reason is that unless the engine is subjected to high load at high rpm, there is little chance of damage to the engine valve.
Many owners of classic cars disagree, but Arco and other refiners insist that they have test and technical data to support their claims.
Vartabedian can\'t reply to the email in person, but will try to answer questions about cars that are of interest to everyone in this column.
Don\'t call.
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