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understanding the mechanism of an air compressor

by:Lepu Seal     2019-11-11
In the air compressor, the air is actually compressed by inhaling the atmospheric air, which reduces the volume of the air and increases the pressure of the air.
There are three kinds of air compressors: Reciprocating compressor, centrifugal compressor and rotary compressor.
An air compressor is a very useful device for providing compressed air and/or power to a specific space.
It is used for any purpose that requires increased pressure or reduced volume of air.
It manufactures an important electric device for household products such as refrigerators and air conditioners, jet engines, for refining and manufacturing, commercial and automotive industries.
Its function is based on a very simple theory.
When compressed air, the volume is reduced and the pressure is increased.
The most ideal way to achieve this is with the help of the piston.
This piston compressor has lever shaft, cylinder, valve head and connecting rod.
According to its type, the compressor is driven by gas or electricity.
It can also have a tank for storing compressed air, which helps keep the air pressure within the set range.
The valve head at the top of the cylinder consists of two metal flaps for air discharge and inlet.
These flaps are open and closed, located at the top of the valve plate.
When the piston moves down, a vacuum is created in the gap above the piston.
Due to the difference in internal and external pressure, it allows atmospheric pressure to open the intake valve.
The vacuum is filled with air and compressed by the piston.
This helps to open the discharge valve and the compressed air accumulates in the tank, thus increasing the available pressure.
Another thing you should know about lubrication is the way the compressor is lubricated.
You may encounter words such as \"free oil pump\" and \"free oil pump.
The oil lubrication pump helps to lubricate the sides and bearings inside the cylinder.
With the help of piston rings, the air and oil remain separated.
While the oil pump has long-lasting greasy bearings, they do not require any maintenance compared to the lubrication pump.
This paper describes the working principle of the air compressor and describes how it compresses the air and stores it in a tank to increase the pressure.
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He handles various Air Compressor Products, emergency air faults and air quality filters.
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