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two useful engineering tools - hydraulic rams and hydraulic cylinders

by:Lepu Seal     2020-05-29
Hydraulic cylinder plays an important role in engineering and has been applied in various fields.
The following is brief information on the function, work, parts and application areas of hydraulic ram and cylinders.
Hydraulic cylinder-
Also known as linear hydraulic motor, it provides one-way force through one-way travel.
It is actually a mechanical actuator.
The hydraulic cylinder is mainly composed of the bottom of the cylinder, cylinder head, cylinder, piston rod, seal gland, piston and seal.
The hydraulic cylinder has a piston that is connected to the piston rod and placed in the cylinder.
This piston rod moves back and forth.
The design is like this, the bottom of the cylinder is closed and the head of the cylinder is opened, which is where the piston is sticking out of the cylinder.
Since the piston divides the cylinder into two different chambers, the head end and the cap end, there is this partition in the cylinder.
The power of the hydraulic cylinder comes from the pressurized fluid, mainly the oil.
Type of hydraulic cylinder
The hydraulic cylinder mainly has two kinds of welding body cylinder and rod cylinder.
The rod barrel adopts a high-strength rebar rod to fix the barrel on the end cap.
In the case of welding body, the cylinder rod does not exist.
The port is welded directly to the barrel and the barrel is welded directly to the end cap.
The front rod gland is attached to the cylinder with bolts or threads for easy disassembly for repair.
Application of hydraulic cylinder
Hydraulic cylinders are widely used in manufacturing machinery, civil engineering and the most important construction equipment. Hydraulic Ram -
Get electricity from water and electricity
Power, hydraulic pillow or hydraulic pillow is basically a circulating water pump.
The work of the hydraulic gate is to take water at a certain hydraulic head and flow rate, and output water at a higher hydraulic head and a lower flow rate.
With the help of the water Strike effect, the developed pressure allows to lift the water at the time of input to a point higher than the original point.
The hydraulic pillow consists of two moving parts-
Waste valve loaded with spring and conveying check valve.
It also has two pipes, that is, the drive pipe and the delivery pipe that manages the water supply from the elevated water source, which will be delivered to the than original through the part of the water that drives the pipe.
Application of hydraulic cylinder
Hydraulic rams are basically used in areas where these two problems exist, one is pumping water to destinations higher than water sources, and the other is low head hydraulicpower.
The advantage of hydraulic ram is that it is possible to take advantage of the kinetic energy of the water without any other external power supply.
Hydraulic cylinders and rams play an important role in engineering and are helpful in many ways.
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