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To the requirement of gasket sealing system

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-26
To the requirement of gaskets gasket sealing system of air tightness for medium sealing systems, gasket in the recommended within a certain time of the temperature and pressure work is not compromised. Compressibility of gaskets gasket and the contact surface of flange connecting bolts, should coincide well, to ensure the seal. Gasket creep resistance of the gasket under the influence of pressure load and temperature, the creep resistance should be better, otherwise back to bolt torque loss, leading to the surface of the gasket stress is reduced, thereby car-scrapping system leaking gaskets gasket should be selected for chemical resistance is not affected by corrosion of chemical substances, and are not contaminated medium. Gasket resilience even under the conditions for the robust stability of the system, the two connecting flange due to the influence of temperature and pressure will surely exist small displacement, elastic function should be able to make up for the displacement of the gasket to ensure the tightness of the system. Uf resistance of gaskets gasket after use should be able to easily removed from the flange, not adhesive gasket non-corrosive gasket deal with connection of the flange surface no corrosive. Gasket selected for the temperature resistance of the gasket should guarantee the system low temperature and high temperature under normal use.
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