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Dry Gas Seal

There are two kinds of vacuum seal of the device

by:Lepu Seal     2020-04-05
Is a kind of seal to be filled with a container of liquid medium and external vacuum space separated. In this case, the seal of the main role is to prevent liquid leakage into the vacuum of space. Another case is inside the vacuum seal cavity and the external cavity split open, its role is to keep the requirements of the vacuum degree. Gas medium around this situation is more complex, because even a slight leakage into the vacuum chamber, will also make the vacuum degree is reduced. If the leakage into the corrosive gas, vacuum equipment might be damaged. In many cases, vacuum and vacuum space clean, various of vacuum conditions have a decisive impact on the quality process. Vacuum device used in the mechanical seal on the structure and no special place. For the first kind of circumstance, usually USES air tightness good metal bellow type mechanical seal. The second is to use double mechanical seal, if using single end face seal, seal face cannot obtain the lubrication problem.
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