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The water pump mechanical seal installation method have? Notice what?

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-25
The water pump mechanical seal installation method have? Notice what? 2018 - 6 - 23 mechanical seal manufacturers today to tell you is that the water pump mechanical seal installation method and the matters needing attention when using! Mechanical seal is one of the most effective way to turn the mechanical seal of ontology, its machining precision is higher, especially the dynamic and static ring, if dismantling method inappropriate or improper use, after assembly of mechanical seal not only reach the purpose of sealing, and can damage the assembled sealing element. one Mechanical seal is disassembled note when removing mechanical seal, it is forbidden to use the hammer and flat, so as not to damage the sealing element. If on both ends of the pump has a mechanical seal, must be careful in the process of disassembly, prevent attend. Worked for mechanical seal, if the loose gland seal face when moving, it should be replaced of dynamic and static ring parts and should not be to tighten the continue to use again. Because after the loose, friction pair originally running track changes, contact sealing is easily damaged. Such as packing element is dirt or condensate bond, the condensation should be removed and then remove the mechanical seal. two Note: when the mechanical seal installation 1) 。 First section on the left; Loaded on the seal plate ( 2) 。 Then put the right that ring, ring and static ring sealing surface to clean ( 3) 。 Reload flat key and impeller. Good washers and nut should be inspected carefully before they are installed assembled sealing parts quantity is enough, there is no damage to the components, especially the dynamic and static ring bruised, defects such as cracks and deformation. If there is a problem, need to repair or replace the new spare parts. Check the shaft sleeve or gland chamfer whether appropriate, if do not conform to the requirements must be. Mechanical seal assembly interface of each component and its related before installation must clean with acetone or anhydrous alcohol clean. The installation process should be kept clean, especially the dynamic and static ring should be without impurities, dirt and auxiliary seal components. Dynamic and static ring surface coated with a layer of clean oil or turbine oil. To tighten the gland should be performed after the coupling is find. Bolt tightening up should be uniform, prevent gland section deflection, with a feeler gauge or special tools to check each point, the error is not greater than zero. 5 mm. Check gland with shaft or sleeve diameter tolerance clearance ( And concentricity) Uniform, must ensure that all round, with a feeler check each point tolerance is not greater than zero. 10 mm. Spring compression quantity according to provisions, there is no too big or too small, error of plus or minus 2. 00 mm, will increase the section pressure, speed of wear and tear. Starts to cause low pressure than not sealing effect, after the spring loaded inside the spring seat flexible to move. When using a single spring to pay attention to the helical spring, spring XuanXiangYing and axis of rotation in the opposite direction. Ring is installed must stay flexible mobile, will ring after pressure to the spring should be able to bounce back automatically. First the static ring seal trap after static ring back, again in sealed inside the end cover. Pay attention to protect the static ring section, to ensure the static ring cross section and the center line of the end cover of verticality, and the static ring back anti-rotating slots on the stop pin, but do not make contact with each other. Not allowed to use during the installation tool hit packing element directly to need knock, must use a special tool to knock, to prevent the damage of packing element assembly all seal should be coated with soap and water when the lubricant, such as the damaged aprons so that you can avoid the assembly process. Between dynamic and static ring sealing surface coated with grease, prevent the dynamic and static ring sealing surface wear in front of the pump drive. Floating ring assembly, must be careful not to fall over the floating ring spring, so spring touch down after the influence on the performance of the floating ring float. After floating ring assembly, can press gently floating ring, to determine whether there is a good floating performance. Installing a seal to should take put down gently to prevent damage to the seal, when installation should be sealed and cavity is swabbed clean. When fastening machine gland tighten bolts should be uniform stress, prevent damage of uneven mechanical seal. For fast loading type mechanical seal after the whole assembly must not forget will locate the positioning of the radial movement way away from the shaft. Because mechanical seal sealing medium is different, cold water and hot water temperature is different, seal are corrosive medium, different cavity interior pressure, the design of the mechanical seal would be different, repair technology is different also, sums up some experience: in the process of mechanical seal repair mechanical seal assembly, cleaning check don't forget. See after two ring shaft first, scars crack don't leak. The last to see in the aprons, hole diameter to see. All kinds of size measurement, two ring clearance to set. Tight force, be sure to check a little spring is the key. Bolt stress wants even, light with light put good habits. Click more mechanical seal manufacturers information: /
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