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The use of mechanical seal need to pay attention to?

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-28
The use of mechanical seal need to pay attention to? 2019 - 8 - 15 mechanical seal in the process of using, we need to pay attention to many problems, so that we can reduce the happening of the problem, here small make up just like you say the use of mechanical seal pay attention to the problem. 1, in the process of equipment prohibited touch attack, smite, prevent the resistance to pay damage mechanical seal seal failure; 2, the import of equipment shaft mechanical seal should be 0 or less radial runout. 4 mm, axial momentum not allow greater than zero. 1 mm; 3, equipment sealing parts should adhere to when equipment cleaning, sealing parts should be clean, the seals are intact, prevent the container type mechanical seal impurities and dust into the sealing parts; 4, promote the ring with the hand, after equipment can make the ring on the shaft loose move, and have certain elasticity; 5, when equipment in appearance with the sealing contact should be coated a layer of clean machine oil, so as to smooth equipment; 6, equipment by hand after plate moving axis, axis should be no weight feeling; 7, equipment, static ring gland, screw down the screws necessary force uniform, ensure static ring end face and the axis of vertical needs; 8, the equipment before operation, it is necessary to be full of medium to prevent dry resistance and make the seal failure. Looked at the above content, believe everybody already knows the use of mechanical seal need to pay attention to the problem.
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