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The use of mechanical seal

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-18
The use of mechanical seal points - 2020 9 - 22 mechanical seal at the time of use, we must pay attention to one of the main points, so what is the specific situation? The following and see it together. In the pump parts, mechanical seals are important components, as well as the mechanical seal is wearing parts. If mechanical seal is damaged, will lead to pump body leakage, if you are using the straight association-like pump, pump body medium infiltration in motor, will lead to motor damage. Therefore, the quality of the mechanical seal is very important. To improve the pump efficiency, prolong the service life of pump mechanical seal, the usual reasonable use and maintenance is the key. Many of the mechanical seal users often ignore a problem: is to make the pump in the absence of medium idling. This empty change the damage to the mechanical seal is very large, not only greatly increase the wear of the mechanical seal itself, but also because of the heat produced by the high speed friction on the seals caused more serious damage. In fact, many users complained that 'so-and-so mechanical seal damage without a how long it is for this reason. Therefore, must pay attention to the details in the use of the pump - — The pump can't idle!
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