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The selection principle of mechanical seal gasket-

by:Lepu     2021-05-13
Selection principle of mechanical seal gasket
The selection principle of mechanical seal gasket:
The correct selection of gaskets for 108u water pump mechanical seals is the key to ensuring that the equipment does not leak. For the same working condition, there are generally a variety of gaskets to choose from. Gaskets must be selected reasonably according to the physical properties of the medium, pressure, temperature, equipment size, operating conditions, and the length of the required operation period, so as to give full play to the characteristics of various gaskets. When selecting gaskets, first refer to the experience that has been used under similar working conditions, and the following factors should be considered at the same time:
(1) It has good elasticity and recovery, and can adapt to pressure changes and temperature fluctuations;
(2) It has proper flexibility and can fit well with the contact surface;
(3) Does not pollute the process medium;
(4) It has sufficient toughness and strength, and will not cause damage under pressure and tightening force;
(5) No hardening at low temperature, small shrinkage, no softening at high temperature, good creep resistance;
(6) Good processing performance, convenient installation and compaction;
(7) Does not stick to the sealing surface, easy to disassemble;
(8) Cheap price and long service life.  486.html,

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