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The role of mechanical seal metal tooth pad?

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-26
The role of mechanical seal metal tooth pad? 2018 - 7 - 6 mechanical seal you are familiar with, then the mechanical seal gasket total class is very much also, the effect of mechanical seal metal tooth pad? Mechanical seal metal tooth pad: 124 pumps with mechanical seal after metal tooth pad use easy to leave impression on the surface of the flange seal, so the less commonly used for disassembly parts. Working pressure of 1. 96 - 19. 6MPa。 In some of the large pressure vessel often remove manhole, both sides of the pad with a layer of soft mat, such as asbestos rubber sheet from pressure, flexible graphite plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, etc. , not only protect the flange surface, mechanical seal performance is improved obviously. The reason: the combination of tooth pad mainly by soft mat when preloading is easy to produce plastic deformation, good contact with the flange surface to form a seal. Combination of tooth pad used in soft mat is very thin, compression after contact with flange, a side is flat, the other side was tooth shape. Only part of the tooth pressure thick 0. 1 to 0. 250 mm, the clearance between the plastic flow is very small, and tooth bite, flat mat is very difficult to produce plastic flow, can keep the high sealing pressure ratio. Tooth pad in addition to increasing combination mat elastic effect, also to enhance the soft gasket, the asbestos rubber sheet strength of this kind of low material can bear high pressure. Click more mechanical seal manufacturers information: /
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