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The replacement method of the mechanical seal

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-01
Mechanical seal replacement method is 2020 - 9 - 18 now a lot of mechanical seal in use process, will be more or less wear and tear, this happens, we need to promptly to replace mechanical seal, then the change process of the mechanical seal is? ( 1) Ready to place the pump parts of workbench ( The ground) And dismantling things, do not do their place disorderly use, avoid to touch the bad pump parts. ( 2) Open confirmed before motor in maintenance status; Cheer unscrewed the screw, the smooth oil seal seat cavity through a straw sucked out. ( 3) Demolition of fractional coupling, the coupling of the first fixed socket head screw, and then quietly gradually pull down on the half coupling from the shaft ( Pay attention to don't fall down) 。 With ring spanner unscrewed the pump shaft fasten bolts and stop, let gradually sinks to the pump body, impeller removed half coupling, pump shaft collar. ( 4) Down the sealing seat: unscrewing the sealing gland nut, quietly unload sealing seat ( Note: do not break on rubber oil seal) And cleaning. ( 5) Apart and clean bearing: but first, let me quietly loose jacking with apart after bearing bolt bearing seat, and lift up the pump shaft and unload; Clean with jet fuel, bearing and dried before loading and apply a small amount of 20 smooth machine maintenance. ( 6) Disassemble the mechanical seal: seize the seal spring up along the pump shaft raise and can open it. ( 7) Mechanical seal device: layer of the tu yi on the dynamic and static ring mirror clean 20 smooth oil; Smooth oil guide bearing, the static ring first positioning loading guide bearing seat quietly; Again in smooth oil on the pump shaft, the mechanical seal ring part of the load on the pump shaft, quietly with handle gently push the seal ring should be able to scale easily ( Pay attention to the dynamic and static ring part anti-rotating parts need device in place) 。 ( 8) : loading seal seat sealing seat into the rubber oil seal first, and then put the seal seat into the pump cover and pressure on the bearing seat, tighten the nut. ( 9) With coupling: first on the motor shaft head mount retaining ring, is placed on half coupling, in the pump shaft end and coupling slots mount stop by ring spanner tighten bolts ( Lift pump shaft 3 ~ 5 mm and supply mechanical seal prestressed) ; Put the other half coupling screw in socket head cap screw it is necessary to tighten. Gear coupling right to view request: for fractional coupling fluctuation space evenly; Dish with the hand to dynamic coupling several view flexible rotation. ( 10) According to the key test run to check the replacement of mechanical seal is correct, whether the normal operation of pump group. Above is the replacement process, mechanical seal believe everyone already know.
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