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The performance of the mechanical seal for slurry pump is related to the design and use method

by:Lepu Seal     2022-01-20
Due to the pressure difference between the fluid in the pump and the atmosphere outside the pump, in order to prevent the leakage of the slurry, the pump needs to be equipped with a sealing device, that is, a shaft seal. Commonly used types of shaft seals are: packing seals, mechanical seals, dynamic seals and floating seals. Judging from the current situation of pumps used in various industries, mechanical seals have become a common sealing form in various industries, and the sealing form operates stably and reliably, bringing great economic benefits to various industries. Among them, the mechanical seal for slurry pump is a sealing device composed of two sealing elements (static ring and moving ring) which are perpendicular to the smooth and flat surfaces of the shaft, and make relative rotations. It relies on the pressure of the elastic member and the sealing medium to generate an appropriate pressing force on the contact surface of the rotating moving ring and the static ring, so that the two end surfaces are closely fitted. When designing a mechanical seal for a slurry pump, not only the influencing factors of the mechanical seal itself, but also various influencing factors outside the mechanical seal should be considered. In practice, the following issues should be paid attention to:
1. In the design process of the pump product, the influence of other components and other equipment on site on the use effect of the mechanical seal should be fully considered, so as to create a good external condition for the mechanical seal.
2. Increase the understanding of the sealing auxiliary system, and be equipped with a complete mechanical sealing auxiliary system as much as possible to improve the sealing effect. 3. For the mechanical seals of slurry pumps of important pump products, protective measures should be added to improve the seal quality and reduce seal quality accidents.
4. When analyzing the cause of the quality accident, the influence of other parts of the pump on the operation of the mechanical seal should be fully considered, and corresponding measures should be taken to continuously improve the sealing effect. The design of pump products and the design of mechanical seal products for slurry pumps should implement relevant domestic and foreign standards. In the process of product design, designers should carefully implement the standards, deeply understand the specific meaning of each standard content, and integrate the standard content. required to be used in product design. But so far there are many designers who have not understood the actual meaning of the standard, and have not strictly implemented the new standard, but blindly copied the old drawings and the experience of the old designers. This approach is very unfavorable for improving the technical level of our products and entering the market. Raising awareness of standardization is an urgent problem for designers in the machinery industry. Generally speaking, the two links of modeling and manufacturing of mechanical seals for slurry pumps are completed by the manufacturer (professional seal manufacturer). For the shaped seal products, whether it is a pump or a compressor, there is basically no problem in the sealing, and the three links of installation, use and maintenance are determined by the user, and the technical level of installation, use and maintenance is high. The user sealing effect is good. The sealing effect of the same user in different periods of use will also vary greatly. The production time of the mechanical seal for the same slurry pump is different, and the sealing effect will also be different. The sealing effect used is not good, the leakage in the process is reduced, and the failure is greatly increased. This is because the device is not used normally. Operation needs to be adjusted frequently. In many cases, the cause of seal failure is not the seal itself, but largely depends on the reasons for seal installation, use and maintenance. For future work needs, we must pay attention to the importance of installation, use and maintenance.
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