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The mechanical seal lubrication work should be how to do?

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-30
The mechanical seal lubrication work should be how to do? 2019 - 8 - 20 many mechanical seal will now work in the liquid medium, it is depend on the liquid film lubrication are, therefore, the liquid membrane is the premise to guarantee the normal work of the mechanical seal, the following specific to understand the relevant knowledge. 1. Half fluid lubrication: pit containing liquid, on the surface of the sliding contact surface between maintaining a very thin layer of liquid membrane, so also has good heat and wear rate, due to the dynamic and static ring between the liquid film with surface tension at its outlet, thus limits the leakage of liquid. 2. Boundary lubrication: when the pressure between the dynamic and static ring or liquid form the ability of the liquid film on the surface of the friction is poorer, the liquid will be squeezed out from the gap. Because the surface is not absolutely flat, but is uneven, the bulge is fretting wear, while in the concave of maintain the lubrication performance of the liquid, resulting in boundary lubrication. Boundary lubrication degree of wear and heat to medium. 3. Complete fluid lubrication: when the pressure is insufficient, between the dynamic and static ring and make clearance increases, the liquid membrane thickening, then there is no solid contact, no friction phenomenon. But because in that case the gaps between the moving and static ring is larger, so don't seal effect, reveal that serious. In practical application is generally not allowed to have the problem ( Except controlled membrane mechanical seal) 。 Above is the mechanical seal lubrication work, believe that everyone has to understand.
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